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Certified and Health Canada Licensed Manufacturer and Distributor of diabetes management, endoscopic and open-surgery cutting and stapling products with a strong reputation for excellence.


Manage your diabetes with ease and accuracy.

Don’t let diabetes control your life. Take control of your health with supplies designed to help you manage your diabetes safely. MediSure® glucometers and glucose test strips are known for their quality, value and affordability. Not only that, MediSure® products are manufactured to ISO standards with world-class quality controls to ensure both safety and quality.

Manage your health with confidence.

Effectively and confidently manage your health with products available right here in Canada. Ones that have a strong reputation for both quality and safety.


Test Your Blood Sugar Without Pain.

Meet Genteel®, the painless lancing device for adults and kids. Genteel® is finely crafted using advanced materials known for both safety and durability. This innovative technology is compatible with many commonly-available test strips and meters, including square-shaft MediSure® lancets. Join over 10,000 people worldwide manage their diabetes without pain, thanks to Genteel®.

Enjoy a higher-quality of life, for life.

MediHub is committed to providing modern and innovative healthcare solutions to help you better manage your health. You can forget about sore fingers from uncomfortable squeezing. Let your child sleep as you test their blood sugar throughout the night. Feel confident in your healthcare solutions, for life.


Surgical Tools Crafted for the Future of Medicine

Put patient outcomes first with modern endoscopic surgical tools. Panther Healthcare is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality and high-value endoscopic and open surgery cutters and stapler products. Your surgical staff can operate with confidence and demonstrate their full range of skills with surgical tools designed for precision and efficiency.

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